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August 23, 2014




The Kingston Trio is a musical and cultural phenomenon unmatched by any other. Through changing times, the Trio has played on, remaining popular for a simple reason... great songs that sound as good today as the first time you heard them.  

The original Kingston Trio was formed in 1957 by Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and Dave Guard. With the release of “Tom Dooley” in October of 1958, The Kingston Trio began the “folk music revival” and paved the way for other artists such as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Peter, Paul & Mary who followed in the 1960s.  PBS famously said, “America’s teenagers went from idolizing motorcycle-jacketed greasers to emulating fresh-faced, clean-cut college guys in striped shirts and short haircuts.”  

A three-time Grammy Award winner and holder of no less than ten gold records, The Kingston Trio has sold more than twenty million recordings and continues to perform at some of this country's most famous venues. And, in a feat yet to be surpassed, Billboard Magazine listed four Kingston Trio albums in their Top 10 at the same time.  

The Kingston Trio legacy continues entertaining sold out crowds today with their trademark three-part harmony and clean, crisp sound. Truly a crowd pleasing event, an evening with The Kingston Trio is pure fun. Exuding charisma, energy and charm, their performances are jam-packed with jokes, history, fabulous memories, and, of course, all of their classic hits.  

As founding member Bob Shane put it, “There is a tremendous demand for our type of acoustic music, and not just from those who remember The Kingston Trio. All people want is for us to sing a song, tell a story, and make it good.”


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39 South Main Street
Plymouth, NH

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