April 26, 2014



“PPL does what it's always done: they remain true to themselves, creating a sound that doesn't compromise their vision, yet manages to capture the ears of their adoring faithful ‘prairie dog’ fans, as well as a new legion of listeners. If there is a formula to PPL's longevity and success that may very well be it.”
-Country Music Online

Country rockers Pure Prairie League took their name from an obscure 19th century Temperance Union mentioned in the 1939 film, Dodge City, but this distinctly American band, with its forty year career and long line of top hits, escaped obscurity long ago. Although fan favorites right out of the gate, it took a number of years before PPL, formed by vocalist/guitar player Craig Fuller, had their first hit. They couldn’t have picked a better way to start, and “Amie” not only put PPL on the map, but went on to become perhaps the most well-known and beloved country rock songs of all time.

Somewhere along the line Fuller left to replace Lowell George in Little Feat, but PPL continued to grow and prosper, with Mike Reilly and Country superstar Vince Gill, who was part of the band for awhile.  Fuller eventually came back, and stayed for over a decade...and despite being retired from full time touring, sometimes sits in with the band on surprise occasions. PPL continues to tour and treat their legions of loyal fans to music that sounds as good today as it did when it was first performed.

While 'Amie' is one of the biggest staples for any Country Rock fan, other fan favorites include, “Two Lane Highway,” “Falling In And Out Of Love” and “Early Morning Riser.”

Whether the are "Pickin to Beat The Devil" or taking you down a "Two Lane Highway", PPL is a sure fire good time.

WATCH VIDEO: "Fallin in and out of Love & Amie"

Houston Bernard BAND
Houston's uncle and father were known as the Rebel Brothers and were a staple in the Nashville and OKC country music scenes in the 1970s. They played back-up for artists such as Tanya Tucker, Dave Dudley, Wanda Jackson and Sleepy LaBeef, regularly crossing paths and swapping stories with the likes of Elvis Presley, Merle Haggard, Kiss and Willie Nelson. Johnny Bernard (uncle) has written songs for many country artists in Nashville including Reba McEntire.  

Houston’s Great Grandfather was the famous gunfighter George ‘Bittercreek’ Newcomb, a famous outlaw (captured in the Time-Life ‘Gunfighters’ book) who ran with the Dalton, James and Doolan gangs and a was Most Wanted man in the 1890s. It’s this outlaw spirit that Houston carries with him to every show, as well as drawing musical inspiration from his family’s rockabilly and country roots.

WATCH VIDEO: "Sweet Senorita" 

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