Lobster Roll Kit for 4

May 25, 2020
(11:00AM - 7:00PM)

Lobster Roll Kit for 4


Lobster Roll Kit for Four!
Take-home kit includes Maine lobster salad, four split-top rolls, house-made chips, shredded lettuce, butter and lemon wedges so you can assemble at home.

Take and Make • Feeds Four • 69.95 + tax
Call in your order to:

Town Docks in Meredith (603) 279-3445
Common Man Lincoln 603-745-DINE (3463)
Common Man Ashland 603-968-7030 
Common Man Concord 603-228-DINE (3463)
Common Man Merrimack 603-429-DINE (3463)
Common Man Claremont 603-542-6171
Common Man Windham 603-898-0088


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