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alex, owner of the common man, putting up a do good every day road sign
alex, owner of the common man, putting up a do good every day road sign

Do Good

For more than 50 years, The Common Man family has given priority to being a cornerstone in our communities, both here in New Hampshire and around the globe.

Managers at each location are encouraged to organize fundraisers in support of projects or charities important to the community in which their particular restaurant is located. Enthusiasm and creative ideas for these fundraisers and fund recipients most often comes from the employees of the restaurant involved.
Employees are also given the benefit of company-wide Community Service Days, allowing them to volunteer for a charity important to them, and the Common Man family reimburses them for up to two full days of pay.
Our mantra to “Do Good” is top of mind daily, and our hospitality family has instilled a “can do” attitude and corporate culture that each location has an obligation to give back.

Owner Alex Ray set the tone long ago and he continues to be an example with his willingness to personally get involved, his enthusiasm and energy, and his desire that each event/fund-raiser be a complete success.

Learn more about our Common Man Ukraine Relief Fund at

Charitable Request Form

To contact the Common Man family about charitable donations or community events, please fill out the form below.

Please Note: Requests should only be made for events occurring within the next two months. If your event is beyond two months from today’s date, please bookmark this page and return to submit your request two months in advance. We are only reviewing and approving donation requests for events occurring over the next two months. 

Allow at least one month for us to review your request and give it proper consideration. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, and so that we can assist as many organizations as possible, our standard donation is one $25 bonus card per organization, per calendar year.

Thank you and best of luck with your event.


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